Practice Areas
Corporate Practice
Our comprehensive in-house practice experience, business knowledge, and strong commitment to the success of our clients is our guide at Amber Solicitors. This practice area includes:
- Companies Incorporation
We are available to provide services in the area of new company incorporations. We have accreditation with the Corporate Affairs Commission, and in addition to company registration, we can advise international clients on doing business in Nigeria, and all of the requirements for getting started. This is linked to our Regulatory Compliance Practice.
Prior to any incorporation, we provide clients with the different incorporation/registration options available to them, and advise on the best option based on their objectives.
- Corporate Governance
We are knowledgeable in the general principles of Corporate Governance, and have experience in the administration of internal governance codes. We offer ourselves to administer the Corporate Governance code for Civil Society Organisations; the IFRS/IAS; SEC Code of Corporate Governance; CBN Code of Corporate Governance for Banks; PENCOM Code of Corporate Governance; NIC Code of Corporate Governance; the NPC Guidelines for Appointment to Board and Top Management Positions in Pension Fund Administrators and Pension Fund Custodians; and the SEC’s Guideline on Shareholders’ Rights and Responsibilities.
- Regulatory Compliance
Complying with the complex array of state and federal laws and regulations is an important part of any business. Amber Solicitors holds itself out as a helpful resource to clients in preventing and curing potential violations, so that clients can focus on their core activitie(s). We can help clients avoid violations, with the establishment of corporate codes of conduct, internal policies and procedures; and formal compliance programs.
We can also help with compliance for Companies in the areas of taxation and engagement with tax authorities; employee-related insurance and contributions (gratuity schemes, pension, NHF, Group Life, ITF, NSITF), and engagement with asset managers, pension fund administrators, and PENCOM; and administering the Labour Act, the UK Bribery Act; the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, and the Tobacco Control Act.
Amber Solicitors is very experienced in SON and NAFDAC product registrations, as well as driving regulatory compliance in the import/export process. We also have experience in unit cost analysis and Customs engagement for excise management, and Export Expansion Grant registration and applications.
We have special competence in regulatory compliance for Manufacturing businesses in relation to signage requirements; EMS surveillance; Waste Water Treatment Plant, boreholes, and other water points; disposal of waste oil; noise and air quality; environmental audits; electrical installations; power generation; earthing and lighting arrestor systems; lifting equipment and cylinders; petroleum products storage; pressure vessels and tanks; SON inspections; radio frequency, etc.
- Corporate Affairs
At Amber Solicitors, we can:
Monitor regulatory developments, anticipating their impact on the client’s business, and initiate activities to eliminate, maximise or minimise their effects; and
Assist in establishing and developing stable relations with city authorities and other local decision making bodies, ensuring Company business interests are understood by them; and resolving any conflicts which may arise while doing business in Nigeria.
- Mergers and Acquisitions
Amber solicitors is competent in providing legal support to mergers and acquisitions by way of convening statutory meetings, making the required filings in court, drafting merger agreements and schemes of mergers, as well as conducting due diligence on target companies. We can also arrange for the requisite filings at the Securities and Exchange Commission
- Company Secretarial Services
We are available as external service providers to act as company secretaries to every type of company, managing private placements and meetings, keeping records, governing membership and directorship status of existing and potential stakeholders, administering governing documents, and generally ensuring that our clients comply with all legal requirements regarding their existence and operation.